Can eat environmentally friendly food plastic bags

Not only did he eat the food but also he ate the food plastic bag

In China, there are billions of plastic bags are used every day, although the plastic limit order exists, but the effectiveness is not much. First tier cities fortunately, to the two or three tier cities, the intensity of the implementation will be greatly reduced, especially in the food market such places, the ban is not allowed.

In India, there are 15000 tons of plastic waste every day, but only about 9000 tons are processed, leaving the remaining 6000 tons in the wild. India’s Supreme Court warns that plastic bags are a time bomb in India! India’s prime minister, said: “people don’t want to let more cattle died, we must pay attention to the problems of plastic bags.”Therefore, India also issued a “ban plastic order”, and is a real ban, directly in many cities prohibit the use of plastic bags, paper bags, Cloth bags.

This is a kind of edible plastic bags in India material map

Then a little thought, since plastic bags are not forbidden, naturally can not digest, let the people to digest. So he invented the plastic bag that can be eaten. Plastic bags too dry, can be used to drink water.
The India cubs plastic bags since it is edible, the raw materials of edible raw materials, his design is potato, cassava, corn, vegetable oil, oil, etc..
So, the little brother ran Qatar established the company, from 2012 to 2016, for four years, has experienced numerous experiments, finally made the “delicious” plastic bags.
If you don’t want to eat, you can throw it away. In the wild, 180 days of degradation; buried in the soil, the 45 day; water, a day; boiling water, for 15 seconds.Even if the burn will not be contaminated, no pungent odor, no toxic gas.
Then the factory built, now can produce 1000 tons per month of edible plastic bags, the production of various plastic bags, such as handbags, garbage bags, aprons…

Although the little plastic bags because of the cost, 35% more expensive than ordinary plastic bags, but still very popular.
It can be seen that environmental protection is also a major disadvantage of plastic bags is also a developer of the benefits of development.