China Hohhot seized 1 million 100 thousand yuan worth of unqualified plastic bags

According to the Hohhot Municipal Industry and commerce provides information, from February 7th onwards, Hohhot City Industrial and commercial system in the comprehensive improvement of the city’s environmental special action, a total sales of ultra-thin plastic bags 97 wholesalers for investigation, seized 1 million 546 thousand bags, worth about 1100000 yuan.
It is understood that the Hohhot city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to nearly 60 thousand households in the main market “issued an open letter to the white pollution”, consumers do not advocate the use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags, from the side of things, everyone involved in environmental protection. City industry and Commerce Bureau and the market organizers signed plastic limit order the responsibility of the book, the market sponsor and the venue operators signed and strictly enforce the plastic limit order and other systems, strictly implement the responsibility of all parties. According to statistics, in the past two months remediation special action in the business sector and the market organizers signed a responsibility of 12692 copies.
It is understood that the city’s main market farmers market especially the use of plastic shopping bags as the focus of supervision, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau will provide, for sale and use of ultra-thin plastic shopping bags of illegal operators, punishment according to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, increase the punishment.
City industry and Commerce Bureau is responsible for the plastic limit of the market supervision and management department responsible person, unqualified plastic bags that we are now used in daily life ultra-thin plastic bags, not only pollute the environment but also detrimental to health. “Plastic limit”, after the relevant departments focus on remediation, pollution phenomenon eased, but the people on environmental issues caused by the lack of a clear understanding of plastic shopping bags, plastic bags for shopping with product ideas in the minds of consumers ingrained. This caused by the market sponsors, floor operators and ordinary consumers consciously limit the implementation of plastic initiative is not high, but also with the farmers market and a number of individual shops have close ties with the business philosophy.
After the city industry and Commerce Bureau will continue to increase the plastic limit order propaganda efforts. At the same time, to promote the promotion of operators and consumers in some areas to promote the use of cloth bags and green shopping bags to be mature in the city to promote. Hohhot city Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person also said that in order to consolidate the results of rectification, Hohhot city industry and commerce departments continue to increase penalties for illegal use of plastic bags behavior, for repeated investigations repeat offenders, in serious cases severely punished, and be exposed in a certain range of publicity, warning to the combination of education and punishment.