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For you to know more about us, believe us JMEI Packing. I’m here to give you a brief introduction of our company and our factory.

 Let’s take a look at our team:

JMei Packaging Company team

As you see, we have a sense of responsibility of the elite team, whether you need the plastic bags, paper bags, food bags, special bags, roll film, solid bag, plastic bags and so on multilateral specifications, designs, trademarks, materials are complex and difficult how, our elite team will to help you design the       perfect good sample, and can provide you with free, trustworthy place here is our.  What are you hesitating about?

Now let me introduce the factory.
Dongguan Guangdong JMEI plastic bag Co., Ltd. is a production, processing and sales of plastic bags factory. We are the fastest delivery compound plastic bag manufacturer in the country. Not only that, our production line with advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, including products, reasonable price, professional service attitude and responsible spirit, so that we produce plastic bags, sold at home and abroad to win many customers and long-term cooperation.
The company’s service concept: “integrity first, service first, sustainable management”.

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No. 9, Yiheng Road, Xiangxin East Road, Yantian Village, Fenggang Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China