Custom all kinds of food packaging printing roll film bag


Product: food packaging printing roll film
Material: OPP, CPP, PET, CPP, PET, PE, PET / VMPET / CPP, PET / PET aluminized film / polyethylene, etc..
Category: food roll film
Specification: Custom
Model: Custom
Example: provide
Logo: Custom
Minimum order quantity: 10 thousand
Delivery time: 7 days to 16 days
Services: professional design and production of bags for customers


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Company specializing in custom business / household food packaging printing roll film bag

We bought some fresh food are useful kind of transparent bag in the supermarket, the bag is a common household, business is no problem, the family sometimes use this bag to put some fruit, vegetables and other things with the transparent film bag packed the fridge is. The price of this film bag is relatively cheap, generally, the family must, here does not show.

Deshibao food company custom film bag in JMEI factory

We now introduce the main commercial roll film bags, what we call this film bag is a trademark of food companies to promote the design of food in kind, including food publicity text. The price of this bag is relatively inexpensive, usually used in a large number of one-time packaging factory. The vacuum of the bag is as good as the tightness, and it is convenient for the film.

According to customer demand for customized products with different specifications of commercial food film bag

Of course, some of the specifications for the film thickness, width, trademark, graphics and text will be in accordance with customer needs to design and manufacture until satisfied.


No.1 Vacuum sealing is good, high composite strength, oxygen insulation waterproof, resistant to pressure after a few minutes will not rupture, leakage, prolong the shelf life of fresh food.

No.2 100% non-toxic tasteless, produced by the bag in line with the U.S. FDA and EU standards and requirements.

No.3 Cheap and suitable for large-scale production of commercial food packaging.

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Free sample bag

You don't have to worry about our sample production. Our company will be in strict accordance with your needs and design to complete the production of film bags and provide free samples, but you need to bear the freight.