Custom packaging tea Side Gusset Bags


Item name: Custom packaging tea Side Gusset Bags
Brand: JMEI packaging customization
Size: customized according to customer requirements and product characteristics
Color: according to material requirements
Style: standing custom class
Material: on-demand
Printing: custom design according to customer requirements
Storage: sealed preservation
Sample: free samples
Minimum order quantity: 10 thousand
Delivery date: 7-16 days
Services: professional design customized plastic bags
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Custom packaging tea Side Gusset Bags is often we see, we can see the Side Gusset  inside the structure of the folding bag.Side Gusset Bags is actually made up of flat pocket custom changes, flat pockets on both sides of the edge to fold inside the bag, the mouth of the elliptical into a rectangle, tea Side Gusset Bags side looks like a leaf in the wind and is enclosed, our Side Gusset Bags was born.

Custom packaging tea Side Gusset Bags

We know that every change along with the advantage of better to our life, the custom of tea packing organ bags are similar.
Now we introduce the custom of tea bag compared to previous flat pocket advantage in where?First custom teaSide Gusset Bags under the premise of guarantee the capacity change a unique style, reduce the area.And then there is the organ packaged goods when saturated with and do not have obvious unequal distribution.The last is the organ of bag printing custom content is larger than that of flat pockets, crayon, star photos, company name, company Logo, company address, phone, the main products, etc., can be printed.
Exclusive custom packing tea Side Gusset Bag appearance is elegant, beautiful.Here, the tea is a healthy culture, custom of tea packaging are commonly so organ bags, it is a style.

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Custom of tea packing Side Gusset Bags advantages: changed the past the flat style,
Increasing the volume of the packaging bags, at the same time, more beautiful and full,
Appearance design size increases, can use more position as a marketing method,
The improved design of the tea organ bag can bring you more customers.

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