Custom paper shopping bags


Item name:  Custom paper shopping bags 
Brand: JMEI packaging customization
Size: customized according to customer requirements and product characteristics
Color: according to material requirements
Style: standing custom class
Material: on-demand
Printing: custom design according to customer requirements
Storage: sealed preservation
Sample: free samples
Minimum order quantity: 10 thousand
Delivery date: 7-16 days
Services: professional design customized plastic bags
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For paper shopping bags, we all know is a kind of environmental protection shopping bag, so is our custom paper shopping bags.
Paper shopping bag is easy to break down and more strong, paper shopping bags out of shape not easily.
Our custom paper shopping bags mainly lies in the design of appearance, because the area of the paper shopping bag is bigger, not easy to change the shape of a with the word, is conducive to business promotional items on the shopping bag design comprehensive brand and company.

Custom paper shopping bags

Personal custom paper shopping bags are more with their own interests, as long as you need, we will help design want to creative a shopping bag.
Whether business or personal custom paper shopping bag, is a good choice, also let street shopping bag into a unique scenery line.

Paper shopping bags advantages:

fast discarded paper shopping bags of natural decomposition, use more shopping bag, strong.
Appearance according to the personal or business needs free custom text and pattern, outstanding product personality.
Paper shopping bags out of shape not easily, be helpful for the layout of shopping bags and comprehensive propaganda merchant's product information.

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Free sample bag

You don't need to worry about the packing bag of custom there is not satisfied, we will be the first time make orders the packing bag of samples, and then provide custom good bags to you for free.But you need to pay this part of the transport costs for the samples, at the same time also welcome you to visit our company.