Eight flat bag edge-sealing food custom


Product Name: Eight flat bag edge-sealing food 
Brand: JMEI custom packaging
Size: According to customer requirements, product features
Color: according to material requirements
Style: regular class
Material: Customized on demand
Printing: Customized design according to customer requirements
Storage: sealed
Samples: Free samples
Minimum order quantity: 5,000 pieces
Delivery date: 7-16 days
Services: professional design custom plastic bags
Email: info@jmeipacking.com
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Eight edges of the structure of the food flat bag has five printing surface, is the three-dimensional structure of his own standing, can design the appearance of the printing bright visual effect, we know that there are a lot of products are not can see the inside of the material, the product can bring more attention and purchases.

Eight edge-sealing NaiGao flat bag of custom

This customized food flat bag is made by the security aluminum foil packing material, this ensures that the intensity of the architecture of the packet, can stand in the shelves of the vertical display and select, very convenient.

Eight edge-sealing dried flat bag of custom

In addition, we also have other structure of flat bag custom, other USES flat bag custom, flat bag custom of other materials.If you have custom packaging flat bag demand can contact us or any other page to understand us.

Eight edges of the structure of the food flat bag custom advantage: flat bag is a kind of stand spatial structure, is conducive to showcase their products and purchase choice.
Many seal will not be able to see the inside of the physical goods, therefore wants to reflect, depending on the design of the surface printing eight edges of the surface of the flat bag with multiple structure, can fully describe the promotional products.

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