Environmental bags seem to symbolize the modern environmental awareness

Today, the hands of a “green bag” seems to symbolize the modern people’s environmental awareness. From the “plastic limit order”, the use of environmentally friendly bags have gradually become a kind of living habits.

Reuse the shopping bag custom 

However, environmental protection bags really environmentally friendly? What is the difference between the different materials of environmental protection bags? Although almost every day in use, people may not understand the hands of the bags.
The characteristics of various environmental protection bags
Paper bags
The advantages of paper bags are particularly easy to degrade, but also easy to break, low loading capacity, poor moisture resistance, short life – usually a one-time use. To circulate it, you must pay attention to waterproofing. But Xiao Bian suggested, if not necessary, as far as possible the use of paper bags.
Plastic bags
This kind of green bag has the characteristics of thick and durable compared with the ordinary thin plastic bag. As the plastic is not easy to degrade the characteristics of such environmentally friendly bags are not afraid of water and oil, easy to clean, can hold water (can be filled with fish), the use of less restrictions on the conditions. But because of inconvenience to repair, once the damage can only be discarded, the results and thin plastic bags as a result of “white pollution.”
Non-woven bags
Non-woven fabrics as raw materials, placed 90 days outdoors can be natural decomposition, placed in the indoor life of up to 5 years, burning non-toxic, tasteless. But it is generally loaded capacity, or even as thick plastic bags, can not Sheng water (will leak). In the use of the process, need to pay special attention to spikes with the items, such as boxed drinks sharp corners. When the weight is relatively large, the best care of the end.
Linen, canvas, cotton bags
This type of shopping bag with high strength, strong loading capacity, can be used repeatedly, the longest life, is the best environmental bag material. However, once they stained it is not easy to clean, and with non-woven bags, it can not hold water. Its biggest advantage is the cost of cheap, durable.