He put the champions league MEDALS plastic bags don’t care?

We’ll look at the medal on plastic bags storm!

The daily mirror, jamie carragher’s father had put the champions league MEDALS shopping bag is appreciation to the person, the result each other threw the bag at home for two weeks, haven’t noticed there was gold MEDALS.
If we won the champions league titles, pick may never willing to give up the MEDALS, even don’t want to get rid of sleep when they are in a bath. But it doesn’t matter, Liverpool legend jamie  carragher in 2005 he won the champions league titles, and then handed MEDALS with his father. Recently in a TV sports programs, the host tells a story.

Medal of custom plastic bags

Murray to jamie carragher said: “you mentioned your father. My friend’s friend can have asked your father took the champions league MEDALS to show everyone in the school. Your father teach your father agreed.”
“A few weeks later again ran into two. My friend ask you father: ‘sorry, I can see that gold medal?’ your father said he had sent to his home. My friend don’t believe it: ‘you don’t!’ your father said he had got a medal in tesco’s plastic shopping bags.”
Murray went on to say: “that guy came back home, found on the floor for a customized plastic bags, it has dropped on the ground for two weeks.”
Learned that the truth of jamie carragher seems a bit not surprised, he said: “yes, my dad really did such a thing, he in the shopping bag is normal.”