How can a plastic bag make a food that is edible?

How can a plastic bag make a food that is edible?
“Recently, in the circle of friends in the Zhumadian people, circulating a video: in this 1 minute 52 seconds of small video, a man will be a few plastic bags into a dark machine , After layers of processing, plastic bags into a grain of white particles. Forwarders say this is a fake food production process. “We eat rice every day will not be plastic bags?” The video shocked a lot of people. Look at the video, put a lot of plastic bags thrown into the machine, actually produced a white flower watched the video of the small partners have been scared! We usually eat rice is actually the case? Instant brain make up a hundred episodes of horror film story there? So, can the plastic really make rice?

plastic bag make a food

Plastic bags can really make particles:
Plastic knitting factory mechanic said: plastic bags can indeed be made of particles, different materials, plastic bags produce different types of plastic particles, the life of the most common PP, PE plastic bags can be made of PP (polypropylene) plastic particles, PE (Polyethylene) plastic particles. ”
Technician saw the media circulated the “plastic bag made of rice” video. After the craftsmen see, the particles in the video should be plastic particles, not food: “because the video resolution is too low to look like food.” The mechanic also said that, according to his understanding, although the general small workshop can produce plastic particles , But no one will use plastic particles for counterfeit grain for sale. “You may not have seen the kind of plastic particles, very good to identify which is the plastic grain which is food, simply can not fake.
Reporters learned that, now, the processing of plastic particles of the equipment is very simple, there is an injection molding machine on the line, but the manufacturers on the production is provided, many manufacturers minimum production standards is a ton, rarely a small amount of production. Plastic particles also have a lot of uses and can be used to produce clothing accessories, building materials, agricultural tools and other mechanical products.
The cost of producing plastic particles higher than the grain, “businesses will not do the loss of the sale.”
So what is the content of the video? Reporters confirmed by multi-query, the video presented in the content is real, no problem, but from the machine produced in the white flowers look like small particles of rice, is not food! But the plastic granulation, the video shows the process of making “food”, in fact, plastic granulation of the pipeline.