How many people do not know, colored plastic bags used improperly carcinogenic?

Recall that twenty years ago, we are buying bamboo baskets, and now, whether it is to go to the supermarket shopping, or to the food market to buy food, and even eat a fast food package, all use plastic bags, not only caused a lot of white Pollution, the use of carelessness will give us a great health risks.

Food plastic bags

In general life, the main raw material of plastic bags is polyethylene, tasteless non-toxic, translucent, looks more transparent, and more used to install a variety of cooked food, vegetables. And a lot of vegetable market, is still in the use of a variety of colored plastic bags, this plastic bag is generally made of discarded plastic products after the break, the main ingredient is PVC, will distribute pungent odor, in order to cover the raw material turbidity , Will make a variety of colors to cover. Now the market use of black, red, blue and other dark plastic bags, mostly with recycled waste plastic products re-processed, can not be loaded food.
This kind of colored plastic bags, not only can not be used directly to install food, even at home, improper disposal, but also to the family caused harm, for example, will be colored plastic bags placed in the sun, high temperature environment, the refrigerator, Speed ​​up the release of carcinogenic gases, ranging from pollution of the indoor air environment, if placed in the refrigerator, it will be carcinogenic gas gathered in the refrigerator compartment, serious pollution of the refrigerator in a variety of food, even in the normal environment, still Will slowly release a variety of carcinogenic substances.

Roll film plastic bags

Therefore, life to maintain a good habit, as far as possible does not apply colored plastic bags, can not be avoided, run out as soon as possible after the loss, not long home, but can not be placed in high temperature, high light, low temperature environment. Save the food, be sure to use a transparent plastic bag, if you want to put in the refrigerator or frozen, must use a special fresh bags or plastic wrap, for the health of the family, remember that any color plastic bags into the refrigerator.