How many types of food bags are there?

Composite plastic bags in the packaging industry which is a very wide range of applications, in the face of food packaging bags are also very dependent on. We can see food bags in supermarkets and shops, but almost everyone has seen it.

Supermarket dry fruit composite packaging bag

The materials used in composite film bags are PE and PVC, PET, PP, OPP and BOPP films.There are many kinds of food packaging bags, mainly divided into the following types:According to the structure of the material can be divided into: pure aluminum composite bags and aluminum composite bags of these two types (which includes paper aluminum composite bag),Pure aluminum composite bag: opp/al/pe; pet/al/pe these types;Aluminum composite bags are: pet/vmpet/pe, vmpet/cpp, etc..

According to the function of the words can be divided into: anti-static shielding of electronic products, packaging bags, anti UV products such as packaging bags.

According to the structure of the process can be divided into two layers, and the composite layer of the composite, or even the four layer of the composite, the material structure can be based on customer requirements to do the combination of the three.