How to choose kraft paper to customize the paper bag?

Many manufacturers in kraft bag of choose and buy when will think as thick as possible,kraft paper bag thickness is good, this kind of misunderstanding, so small a little common sense to write for your reference.There are two kinds of kraft paper, kraft paper bag, the first is a domestic kraft paper, paper (not all wood pulp paper) mixed with a certain ratio column in wood pulp of waste paper pulp, this kind of kraft paper bearing with poor quality of a material is relatively poor, so when doing the paper bags are often made of thick paper, generally use 200-250 grams of the original paper, so thick basic a brown paper bag is made of domestic kraft paper bags.

Kraft paper material custom paper bag

Kraft paper material custom paper bag

Another is that the whole wood pulp kraft paper bags, 100% full wood pulp, paper pulp when made with no waste, in this paper, the characteristics of wood fibre weft longer tension of the paper, the price of this paper is twice as expensive than non all-wood kraft paper, paper don’t thick but bearing is very good, so generally make use when kraft paper bags of 100-100 grams of base paper is ok, the general is given priority to with imported kraft paper.White kraft paper – whether it’s domestic or imported is 100% total kraft wood pulp, and do not waste out of the white, so the white kraft paper bags is relatively more expensive in a brown paper bag paper bag.