How to environmental protection in the use of plastic bags?  

Plastic bags we are not unfamiliar, in the production of daily life, the packing bag of plastic bags has become an irreplaceable, go to the supermarket shopping many things when it comes to using the plastic bags and a lot of food in the home to also want to hold in plastic bags, plastic bags is also indispensable in industrial production, plastic bags is the best choice of the cheng fang industrial raw materials and products, the production of low cost health use of plastic bags, there is no any kind of bags can replace the use of plastic bags.
However, plastic bags in bring people many convenient at the same time, also produced a variety of headache, this is the environment pollution problem, white pollution, now a lot of waste plastic bags thrown into the surrounding environment, this is not easy to degrade the combustion will produce air pollution thing again, make a lot of people for love and pain, now many countries have started to limit the use of plastic bags, plastic bags for many processing enterprises also imposed strict restrictions, so in order to better protect the environment and how people should be more environmentally friendly plastic bags?

Daily custom plastic bags

First of all, the ductility of plastic bags is very good is not easy to damage, so in the daily use of time, we can recycle as much as possible, such as plastic bags, cheng fang food after use can be used when the trash bags, the longer it can reduce a lot of the use of plastic bags, secondly, many places are now implementing the garbage classification, place of garbage disposal have classification dustbin, so put in throw trash classification should be done well, so that can facilitate garbage disposal plastic bags.Finally, the best choice when buying bags biodegradable, avoid to use degradable plastic bags.