How to make a cloth vest bag?

The use of plastic bags brings very much convenience to our life, but also brings some environmental problems at the same time, so in order to limit people to use plastic bags, supermarkets start shall be paid for the system.In this context gradually reduce the use of plastic bags, especially the use of supermarket vest bag.And then the environmental protection shopping bag non-woven bags, and is entered into our life, but the most acceptable, or cloth vest bag, fashion is not only beautiful, and the environmental protection and durable.So how to do a cloth vest bag?Let’s have a look at the production of cloth vest bag what are the steps.

Manual environmental customized non-woven bags

First of all, the basic material is made this vest bag need cloth, sewing machine pen and scissors.Actually make a cloth vest bag, it is very simple, the most important process is a process of drawing, are you going to give clever vest this shape picture on the cloth.When the shape of the material on the picture, we can according to a certain size of the drawn graphics used scissors to cut down.
The second step is the most important step is to cut out by suture vest cloth, actually stitching process is very simple, as long as hide one side of the cloth, then stitching sewing machine, for purely mechanical operation.To stitch fabric on both sides, both sides suture suture after we put the bottom again, then will handle for stitching.Note that we are going to into the stitching on the back of the vest bag, otherwise it’s not beautiful sex.
Stitching is done, we put the marginal note again, flipped the cloth vest bag, it is a very perfect fabrics vest bag.With this kind of cloth vest bag to the supermarket shopping, not only fashion and beautiful, and environmental protection.