JMEI packing- ex factory free-standing aluminum foil packaging coffee bean bag


Product: independent coffee bean bag
Category: food bag
Specification: Custom
Pattern: Custom
Sample: provide
Trademark logo: Custom
Order : 10000 Pieces
Delivery time: 7 days to 16 days
Service: specializing in the design and production of bags for customers

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The advantage of independent aluminum foil bag

What are the benefits of using aluminum foil bags?

Aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to the aluminum composite vacuum packaging bag,
This kind of material plastic bag has moisture-proof, avoid light, vacuum packaging, also uses four layer structure
Have good function of water and oxygen isolation.
It is the particularity of this material is generally used for large precision equipment,
Chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and other fields, in order to meet the convenience of people’s daily lives,We have produced a kind of self – made self – contained foil coffee bag.

Self service type red aluminum foil coffee bean bag

Design and production of aluminum foil bag

           In order to meet the needs of more people, the company can provide customers with the material, specifications,
The thickness, shape and other indicators are designed by our customers for more than a decade, and can also be
According to the customer needs to print a variety of words, trademarks, logo design and other personalized design.
After the completion of the aluminum foil coffee bags can provide samples to customer inspection.

No.1  Have good sealing performance, strength of composite excellent oxygen barrier, waterproof, resistant to pressure after a few minutes will not rupture, leakage, prolong the shelf life of food products
No.2 Stable performance, three resistance to the Three Guarantees: oil, moisture resistance, low temperature resistance, durability, preservation, odor, vacuum
No.3 100% non-toxic tasteless, produced by the bag in line with the U.S. FDA and EU standards and requirements
No.4 Bags original design can not be limited, high production efficiency, well-equipped, excellent team.

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You don't need to worry about our sample production. Our company will strictly according to your needs and design to complete the production of coffee bag samples and provide samples free of charge, but you need to bear the freight.