Manufacturers to produce high-quality flat bags


Products: manufacturer of high-quality materials, flat bags
Material: OPP, CPP, PET, CPP, PET, PE, PET / VMPET / CPP, PET / PET aluminized film / polyethylene, etc..
Category: premium flat bag
Specification: Custom
Model: Custom
Example: provide
Logo: Custom
Minimum order quantity: 10 thousand
Delivery time: 7 days to 16 days
Services: professional design and production of flat bags for customers


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What is the special place for the manufacturer to make a flat bottom bag?

Manufacturers to customize the characteristics of flat bottom bags

      There are other names in the flat bottom bag, which belongs to a kind of innovative flexible packaging bag.

       We can observe this kind of packaging bags and other packaging bags compared to a little different, a bag with 5 printed pages, and the traditional upright bags, pouches are different, showing the pattern of the bottom flat bottom bag can be better with the text, it can make the product manufacturers or designers have plenty of space to play and description the advantages of the product.

JMEI- manufacturers with the bottom of the complete pattern of the design of a flat bag

Packaging bag manufacturers are making flexible packaging composite materials made of different materials, through the permeable oxygen barrier properties, together play different barrier materials, and plastic packaging bags can protect more than general products. There are standing on the goods stand, four flat, stable stand, and packaging materials can be omitted, and in order to meet the customer friendly, flat bag / bag can be attached to four sealing zipper, slider zipper opening convenience etc.

JMEI- manufacturers custom red high-quality flat bag

No1. a total of five print layout, front, back, left and right sides and bottom. The bottom with the traditional vertical bag, pouch or bag stand is completely different, the difference is where the flat bottom of the bag can be text or logo displayed so smooth; product manufacturers or designers have plenty of space to play and description of product.
No2. composite flexible packaging materials, through the permeability of different materials permeability barrier characteristics, combined with the use of different barrier materials, and plastic packaging than the general paper bag can protect the product.
No3. flat bag / four bags, standing on the goods rack, four flat, stable stand, you can omit the external packaging materials.

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