Plastic shopping bags wholesale custom printing what principle?

Many companies will customize their own plastic bags, plastic bag printing in the process of production is one of the important steps. During the printing process, must adhere to the principle of two aspects, and it can really ensure printed work finished smoothly. What on earth we printing, need to select what are the two principles?

Plastic bags custom printing

On the one hand, keep clear and glossy plastic bag printing. Some manufacturers in the process of printing, printing ink on the deployment of inappropriate will lead to design is not clear, so it is easy to cause an effect to use in the future. In the printing process, the real keep clear is very critical, once we ignore this aspect of the situation, so it is difficult to have the effect of propaganda.
When it’s that on the one hand, the plastic bag printing protection don’t rub off. In some places may be printing technology does not pass, after they print, appeared very serious rub off, it is very bad for people’s use. Targeted to do the corresponding knowledge and understanding, and better for use, the use of can really guarantee of future results.Some products when used to rub off, this is very bad for people’s experience.
So, at the time of printing plastic bags, must be to ensure that the design is clear, and there will be no toning. When can we learn from these two aspects are integrated to safeguarding, in the process of use in the future to gain a better effect.Some people may not have good understanding of relevant situation, so various problem is discovered after the plastic bag printing, this not only caused great waste, but also will cause all kinds of problems for us.