Packs of protection and packaging why can prolong the shelf life?

(1) to customize the look of your bags to protect food quality can produce certain economic benefits
Food in the whole process of circulation, after handling, loading and unloading, transportation and storage, easy to cause damage the appearance quality of the food, food after inner and outer packing, can very good to protect food, lest cause damage,

Custom protection and prolong the shelf life of food bag

(2) food bag to protect food to extend the shelf life of food,
Food in the whole circulation process, its quality changes and the bad.
Food itself has certain nutrients and moisture, the bacteria, mould and yeast such as the basic condition of production and breeding, when the temperature of food preservation is suitable for them to breed, food deterioration.If food using aseptic packaging or packaging after high temperature sterilization, cold storage, such as processing, will prevent the occurrence of food corruption, prolong the shelf life of food.
At the same time, the food itself has certain moisture, when the moisture content change, will lead to the change of food flavor or worse.If the corresponding moisture-proof packaging technology can prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon, also effectively prolong the shelf life of food.
Again, when the food in circulation, by the sun and the light of direct illuminate, and at high temperature, oxidization are easy to make food. Color change, stale wait for a phenomenon, such as using the corresponding vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging technology and the corresponding packaging materials, etc. Also can effectively extend the shelf life of packaged food.