Plastic tea bag custom


Product Name: Plastic tea bag custom
Brand: JMEI custom packaging
Size: According to customer requirements, product features
Color: according to material requirements
Style: regular class
Material: Customized on demand
Printing: Customized design according to customer requirements
Storage: sealed
Samples: Free samples
Minimum order quantity:10,000 pieces
Delivery date: 7-16 days
Services: professional design custom plastic bags
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In China planted a lot of valuable tea, such as: Longjing green tea, tea and so on. There is also special tea for green tea such as processed tea. These different kinds of tea, in the supermarket, shopping malls are available to buy. Tea processors will be customized according to their type of tea suitable for their own tea bags, such as: custom green tea bag appearance in green color design bag background and pattern. This will increase the value of tea ornaments and attention to achieve the purpose of increasing sales.

Plastic tea bag custom

Plastic tea bag custom

Our factory is a direct customization of customer orders, customer customization requirements we can easily do, including our professional design team, rich custom packaging experience can be trusted, you are still hesitant will lose more energy. We have the strength to welcome customers to our factory to understand us.

Custom plastic tea bag advantages:
We are factory direct customization, we help customers customize the different structure, appearance, pattern printing and so on.
We are now single custom customers we will be the most favorable offer feedback, including the late cost discount activities.
Our custom printing plastic tea bags are rich in custom cases that are easy to customize for diversified bags.

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Free sample bag

You don't need to worry about our sample production.Our company will strictly according to your requirements and Plastic tea bag custom production, and provide free samples, but you need to bear the freight.