PO plastic bags advantage is introduced

In our daily life, I often see people out in the market are carrying bags filled with food, but that kind of material is the material of plastic bags production, also is we often say that the PO plastic bags.Today’s bright colored plastic bags factory small make up take we explain the PO together how to the characteristics of the plastic bags have?

The advantages of Po bag

1, PO plastic bags high transparency, high brightness.
2, PO plastic bags, tensile strength, impact resistance is strong, make commodity packaging after crisp degree good, not easy to break and damage.
3, PO plastic bags resistance to low temperature performance is good, not easy ageing.Product packaging at + 90 ℃ to 50 ℃ after deformation, do not shorten, do not break, hard brittle.
4, PO plastic bags, avirulent insipidity, use and processing will not occur in the process of poisonous and harmful gases.Fit into the world of food and medical health standards, and no longer change the packaging and quality.
5, PO plastic bags density of only 0.92, because of the high PO membrane resistance to tensile strength, the packing effect will not reduce, so the use of packaged goods, the cost per unit will not rise, and the effect will be very good.
6, PO plastic bags good toughness and high tensile strength.And shorten PVC bag low tensile strength, easy to aging, easily damaged, when the low temperature brittle crack, temperature deformation and changes to be shortened by packaging shape.