Pp bag and pe bag What is the difference?

Pp bag and pe bag What is the difference?

First, the use of pp bags and pe bags of materials is different, pp bag is the use of polypropylene, but pe bag is the use of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a relatively simple polymer, but polypropylene is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. Pp bag and pe bag is also the difference between their respective characteristics, pe bag is no taste, no poison, hand feels like a wax feeling, with a good resistance to low temperature energy, the lowest temperature can reach zero , And the chemical properties of relatively stable, encountered strong acid and alkali will not change in the normal temperature in the general solvent will not melt, and the water absorption is relatively small, but also has a good electrical insulation, but Anti-aging is not very good.

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Pp bags have good mechanical properties, good toughness, impact resistance is also better, in strong acid and alkali and organic solvents will not change. The third difference is that the use of the range is not the same, pe bags are more use of plastic bags and some plastic film, but the use of pp bags are more in some industries, for a variety of food and beverage, etc. Very good packing.