Quality automatic film customization and wholesale


Product Name: Quality automatic film customization and wholesale
Brand: JMEI custom packaging
Size: According to customer requirements, product features
Color: according to material requirements
Style: regular class
Material: Customized on demand
Printing: Customized design according to customer requirements
Storage: sealed
Samples: Free samples
Minimum order quantity: 10,000 pieces
Delivery date: 7-16 days
Services: professional design custom plastic bags
Email: info@jmeipacking.com
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Customized high-quality film can be used with automatic machine, we wholesale the film is high-quality, material can be customized to increase the use of the range. Our automatic roll film making fine, the appearance of the printing is also very beautiful. This is the element of the packaging needed.

Wholesale quality film

Customized automatic roll film is easy to use, not only saves the cost of the bag, but also saves the time of the roll film bag. Very suitable for use in large quantities of production lines, which is also the advantages of roll film. I think the roll film is a good choice.

Customized high quality roll film

For the production of customized film, we have more than 10 years of experience, there are advanced equipment and technology as the basis for production, which for the custom high-quality film has an important guarantee. If you need to customize and wholesale high quality rolls can choose us, we are trustworthy.

Custom and wholesale quality film roll advantage:
Custom roll material can be selected, suitable for solid, liquid, vacuum, etc. packaging.
The appearance of fine print, printing using advanced equipment and technology-based.
High-quality roll packaging to save the cost of packaging bags and time, save material, the environment is beneficial.

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Factory Perspective:

Production equipment

Free sample bag

You don't need to worry about our sample production.Our company will strictly according to your requirements and  Plastic film in roll production, and provide free samples, but you need to bear the freight.