Recently found that worms will eat plastic bags, have you seen the bottom of the plastic bag of worm?

According to foreign media reports, the Italian scientists may have found a great solution of the problem: they found a worm eat plastic bags, and can be transformed into ethylene glycol. The study was published on Monday, published online in the journal Current Biology (Current Biology).The authors of the paper Federica Bertocchini accidental discovery: an amateur beekeepers took out a few wax from the hives, and put them in a plastic bag.She left just a few minutes, come back and found they eat part of the plastic bag and ran away.

Will eat the wax of plastic bags

The wax moth larvae, the researchers said that not only can chew plastic, also it can be broken down into ethylene glycol.

Will eat the study wax figure of plastic bags

Disposable plastic bags, on average, use period is less than half an hour, but need to hundreds of years to break down in the natural environment.Because the disposable plastic bags are made from polyethylene, polyethylene chemical molecular structure has considerable stability, very difficult to decompose.Ethylene glycol, on the other hand, a few weeks can decompose in the soil and water.We can get the magic of nature, feel the magic of species.Small make up is really long to see, I do not know will you look at the plastic bags of worm?