Self adhesive type eight side sealing composite Stand Bag


Material: composite paper
Commodity packaging bag
Minimum order quantity:
10 thousand
Delivery time:
7 days to 16 days
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             Self adhesive Stand Bag has a total of five printing layout, right, back, left and right sides and bottom. The eight side of the bottom sealing packing bag with traditional upright bagsor stand bag is not the same, the difference is where the flat bottom of the bag is very smooth and without any heat sealing, text or pattern formation displayed; so that manufacturers or designers have enough space to play and describe the products with spatial design is very good, can perfectly reflect the designer of product packaging design. Has a very unique appearance, a strong visual impact on consumers, improve product grade, so as to achieve better marketing results.

Sinbak exclusive logo Stand Bag

The composite flexible packaging material can be used to exert different barrier effect through the permeable and oxygen barrier property of different materials. The other plastic bags are more durable and extend the quality of products than ordinary paper bags. Eight side sealing bag standing on the goods stand, four flat, stable stand, shelf display effect is more excellent, more attractive to consumers. On the basis of the eight side sealing bag, the zipper can be closed, so that the product can be used repeatedly in the premise of maintaining quality. Wide range of applications such as leisure food bags, dried fruit bags, pet food bags and other products on the grade.

Eight side sealing bag several benefits:
1, the physical treasure: stored in the packaging of food necessary to avoid extrusion, impact, shock, temperature and other signs.
2, the appearance of a unique, bright and generous surface, the high-end atmosphere on the grade, the eight side sealing bag, three-dimensional personality keywords ranking, easy to attract consumers to be careful, especially in favor of brand building.
3, large capacity. The flat bottom eight side sealing bag has the advantages of large capacity and the design structure of the eight side sealing, which makes the capacity more and more.
4, can extend the shelf life of food. Eight side sealing bag according to the combination of different materials, thickness, moisture and oxygen barrier properties, metal results and printing results, can make different performance characteristics of the various kinds of food bags, contented the necessary performance, extend the shelf life of food.

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