Some people think that every discarded plastic bags to the future?

We go to the store or farmer’s market shopping, almost every item with a plastic bag, back to home, these plastic bags often immediately thrown into the bin.As rubbish, plastic bags left our home, but they didn’t disappear in the world.

In most areas, are ubiquitous plastic bags, in windy weather, they will be floating in the air, landed on the branch, rivers, affect the health and the city.To increase the number of garbage bags, cultivated land, contaminated soil and groundwater.More serious is that plastic in nature, there are hundreds of years can’t degradation;If burned, will produce toxic gases.Some people think that a plastic bag waste time in the future or the plastic bags, for generations, do it right?

The dangers of non-biodegradable plastic bags

In humans, the significance of environmental protection is self-evident.Environmental protection is people go against nature for attached part of the price, but the cost is positive, proactive;If wait for nature to human, consequence will be unimaginable.The significance of environmental protection is to advocate natural, follow the law of nature, when the interests of the people and natural conflict, people must follow the nature.The significance of environmental protection is only a simple two words: to survive.However, relative to the individual, this is still a bit too big.So, more and more people advocate to care for the environment start from the side of the initiative.