Spain paid polyethylene bags, do you think is necessary?

According to the Catalan region of Spain, local media reported has banned free to provide customers of every trade all kinds of plastic bags customize, but the rules have been didn’t get the attention of the masses of friends.And according to the lawyer to provide the latest situation, the current all the plastic bags in Spain have to charge, specific price by the businessman’s discretion.

Spain conditional plastic bags

And it is important to note that the merchants here is more than a supermarket, all one hundred dollar store, candy, shoe store, clothing store, as long as it is used shopping bags place to pay attention!Except if the guest to provide plastic bags (paper bags), is a must to charge.If once found businesses not to collect fees, Spanish authorities shall have the right to get a ticket on the business.For the country’s this kind of policy you think is it necessary?
It is necessary to the development of the country’s long, can use green packaging as far as possible, and can be repeated use, it is a good idea.