Taiwan beauty shop next year may not provide free plastic bags

Taiwan beauty firm next year to implement the system of paid plastic bags

JMEI Packing】 beauty shop in Taiwan next year may not provide free shopping bags. The environmental protection department has adopted plastic bag control laws and regulations, and the beauty shop has been added to the new regulation. Since January 1st of next year, the beauty shop should not provide free plastic bags. Consumers need plastic bags, may have to spend 1 to 2 yuan to buy.

Environmental protection agency notice shopping plastic bags to limit the use of the object, the revised version of the second version, the beauty shop is also included in the control object. The draft notice for the first time last year, the domestic plastic bag control object from the 7 kinds of preparation has been increased to 14, to drink shops, stationery, laundry equipment, information industry, pharmacy and pharmacy etc.. This is the pharmacy and drug stores in this category, more into the beauty shop shopping bag.

Other regulations modify parts, including the expansion of plastic bag control material, the PLA (biodegradable plastic) are also included in the 0.06 mm thickness, cancel shopping plastic bag limit, let the industry choose, the local government may require the authorization of hypermarkets, supermarkets and department stores, only provide plastic bags and garbage bags. A dual-purpose bag.