The American guy to eat the plastic bag addiction?

The 23 year old man from the United States, from the age of 7 have been like to eat we go to the supermarket to buy things of plastic shopping bags.Now his addiction to eat plastic bags to idle every day is pull a plastic bag chew also eat very happy.

The American guy to eat the plastic bag addiction

Since after eating plastic bags addiction, he has an incredible 60000 plastic bags away.For him, the beginning of the day is breakfast a plastic bag, and he is more like the blue plastic bags used to deliver newspapers.
Sometimes he drive to deliver newspapers looking for abandoned outside near plastic bags to satisfy the appetite, the skilled movements like then eat meat.
 Eat ordinary plastic bags can damage the liver and cause intestinal blockage, but the doctor gave man obstruction for inspection result shows that there is no abnormal also, doctor say is pica, only man now also in control yourself eat less, he said that sometimes, like addicted, had to eat a satisfy the appetite, he or she must slowly to quit this addiction