U.S. food manufacturers because a bag of potato chips actually lost more than $5 million?

Manhattan District in New York city of the United States two consumers for a bag of chips in the air too much, filed a class action lawsuit against Wyeth food company, claims more than $5 million (about 34 million 500 thousand yuan).
The plaintiff Hors (Sameline Alce) and Nugent (Desir Nugent) said, this is consumer fraud act, because the bags of potato chips production in Wyeth food company, air content as high as 67%, far more than other food companies, and the air content is more than the required amount of protection chips was not crushed. The plaintiff’s lawyer said, consumers are deceived in order to pay for the air”.

Comparison of air volume in food packaging bags

It is reported that in August 2016, olti spent $1.94 (about 13 yuan) to buy a bag of food company under the wise potato chips, found the bag in the air has accounted for more than half. As a result, Hors and other consumers decided to put the food company to court, asking them to be deceived consumers compensation.
Although it is generally believed that the air in the bag is necessary because it can protect the chips from being crushed. But the court believes that the content of air bag of potato chips in wise food production company is far higher than other counterparts. For example, the content of air bags of potato chips in Shi Laifu is about 30%.
In this regard, the court asked White food company in New York and Washington, DC consumers to compensate and improve its packaging.