What are the characteristics and uses of food composite bags used by food manufacturers?

Characteristics and application of food compound bag

The performance of isolated food compound bag better protection performance is also relatively strong, with a gas tight and moisture characteristics, plastic sealing machine which can absorb moisture and prevent the gasification of the contents is very effective, not susceptible to an infringement of bacteria and insects, the stability of the shape is also good, some not by the humidity change. The color composite bag also has a variety of different colors, exquisite composite bag has a metallic luster, filling and sealing machine for heat and light have a relatively high reflectivity, and composite bags of color printing more exquisite and bright.

Characteristics and application of food compound bag

















Of course, the more important point is to use shielding or elution to part of the aluminum, transparent window can obtain arbitrary patterns and arbitrary, aluminum foil sealing machine which can let the customer see the contents of the package, this is a very significant progress in composite bag production technology, is also a composite bag obvious characteristics.