What is a OPP self-styled plastic bags and the use of OPP bag?

What is a OPP self-styled plastic bags?
OPP self-styled plastic bags is one kind has high transparency and smooth after packing type, easy to use, also is a kind of OPP bag, OPP film after single chip can be folded in half, and lateral sealing side in the opening with self-adhesive, when used in product tore to protective film on the surface of the seal, will be opening in half after cement can be commodity packaging.Opp self-styled bag is beautiful and easy, widely used in clothing, food, stationery and other industries.

What is a OPP bag?

Use opp bag is in the market is very widely used, especially on mobile phone stores and on making some little things, including the use on food still has some, opp bag actually this kind of bag is easy to scratch, and also and vulnerable to dirt and surface area plays a very thick thick layer of dust, in fact, sometimes we will find that if a one opp bag on the table one day or two or three days time it will have some dust on the surface looks not obvious, if is put for a long time then it will be very obvious, so the easy scratching, easy to dust products to keep it well.