What is the general situation of the use of food vacuum bag material to achieve the quality of the role?

      Food vacuum bag it is generally used PE nylon composite material, if it is cooked, then the type of general use of pure aluminum material.

The utility model relates to a food vacuum bag, which is mainly used for the storage of food. And the inhibition of bacterial reproduction. And for some soft items, after vacuum packaging can reduce its volume. So that it can be packaged so as to achieve the “four kinds of prevention and the role of the two, a shelf life” features.

Vacuum packaging bag for supermarket dried fruit

To prevent the effect:that is, to prevent food moisture, anti food moldy and anti foreign pollution, anti food oxidation in the air.

Convenient function: can save volume and freight.

Shelf life: extend the shelf life of food.

In the food industry, vacuum packed food is quite common, a variety of cooked products such as chicken, ham, sausage and other pickled products; such as a variety of pickles and bean products, all kinds of fruit and other kinds of fresh food also need more and more use of vacuum packaging bag, food preservation period after vacuum packaging is relatively long, greatly prolong the shelf life of food. So the supermarket can often buy some of the food that we didn’t have in this season or place.

Is not that the role of food packaging bags with chowhound needs?