What is the pp bag and pe bag?

What is the pp bag and pe bag?

Pp bag first we have to know that it is a plastic bag, this plastic bag is mainly made of this material made of polypropylene, the use of the production process are mainly color printing and offset printing, pp bag color is relatively bright, Are generally woven bags, belong to the thermoplastic bag, with a good stretch. Pp bags are environmentally friendly bags, non-toxic and tasteless and is more transparent, generally in the cosmetics jewelry and some toys, electronics and other industries to use more packaging, this bag has a good toughness, and the quality is better , But for the packaging is better, not suitable for load-bearing.

Pe bag custom

Pe bag is also a plastic bag, but this plastic bag is made of polyethylene, we all know that polyethylene is the best material, this material is not only non-toxic and tasteless and feel very good, the most important thing is to meet food hygiene Packaging standards. Pe bag also has a good moisture, acid and anti-oxidation performance, it is more important, but also the use of a more. Pe bag is more use of a variety of food packaging, there are some fiber packaging, our daily necessities can also be used, with good scalability, the use of time will not be easily damaged.