What is the problem with automatic packaging rolls?(1)

With the extensive application of automatic packaging film, the higher the degree of attention of the automatic packaging roll film, the following is a series of common problems for automatic packaging roll film.
1, tension is not uniform
Uneven tension of the membrane is usually expressed as thin film inner layer, the outer layer of relaxation. If you use this film in the automatic packaging machine, will cause the packaging machine to run uncertain, there bag size uneven, pull film offset, edge deviation is too large and so on, resulting in packaging products do not meet the quality requirements. Therefore, the film with this defect products for more return processing.
Uneven tension of the membrane is mainly caused by the film roll in the cut into the roll and roll out the tension caused by uneven. Although most of the current film cutting machine has a tension control device, you can ensure the quality of film roll, but sometimes due to operational reasons, equipment and the reasons for the volume and volume difference between the volume and other factors are too large, Uneven tension problems still occur. So you need to carefully check and adjust the equipment to ensure that the film slitting tension balance.

What is the problem with automatic packaging rolls?

2, the face is not smooth
Usually the end of the membrane requirements smooth, rugged phenomenon, bumps beyond 2mm will be judged as nonconforming products, usually rejected. Uneven surface of the membrane will also cause the automatic packaging machine running unstable, pull film offset, edge deviation is too large and so on.
The reasons for the uneven surface of the film are: the slitting equipment is unstable, the film thickness is uneven, the tension of the incoming and outgoing rolls is not equal, and the adjustment can be checked accordingly.
3, wave surface
Wave surface refers to the film surface bending uneven, was wavy. This quality defect will also directly affect the performance of the film on the automatic packaging machine, and affect the quality of the final packaging products, such as packaging materials, tensile properties, sealing strength deterioration, printing patterns, forming bags deformation. If this quality defect is very obvious, such a film roll can not be used in automatic packaging machine.

4, cut the deviation is too large
It is usually required that the slit deviation of the film is controlled within 2 to 3 mm. Deviation deviation over the General Assembly affect the overall effect of forming bags, such as the pattern position offset, incomplete, asymmetric shape bag.