What material is the OPP bag, has the characteristics of what?

Opp bag material is a kind of material in plastic bags, it is Chinese name of polypropylene.
Directed a stretch of polypropylene, is a kind of material of polypropylene and two-way polypropylene (BOPP) belongs to a kind of plastic, is plastic bags.
Opp packaging look super clear, smooth, level off, can be processed into along the bag, as self-adhesive bags, card bags, (paper card opp as self-adhesive bags, pearl film, opp card head since the glue bag), compound bag, compound self-supporting bag, composite bag, bone composite three edge-sealing bag, seal bag of the compound, and so on.
Opp bag easy to burn, molten drop, yellow blue, away from the fire and smoke less, the effect of burning. 

Opp material jewelry bag

This kind of plastic bags with polypropylene film as the backing material, has high tensile force, qualitative light, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection, use range, etc.
Opp bags have multiple air holes, has a water filter, air permeability, the effect of preservation, the product is generally a one-time use, material exceptionally good transparency, more crisp, good tensile, dustproof, prevent the effect of friction.Apply to jewelry, toys, clothing, packing clothes, shoes and hats, scarves, magazines, can be filled with food.Such as: bread, grains, dried fruit, etc.
Opp bag non-toxic tasteless food special bag and the packing bag of agricultural products, and other industry general options.