Will the composite bag be overheated?

There are many factors that affect the bagging of composite bags, such as:

   1, the composite film peel strength is too low, it is difficult to achieve multi-layer composite material at the same time the requirements of force, resulting in a better dispersion of the force, then the composite bag in the fall process will cause broken bag. Also in the high temperature cooking bag, because some of the adhesive heat resistance is not good, especially in the high temperature cooking will also cause cracking at the edge of the closure, the phenomenon of composite film delamination.
   2, in the bagging process bag too high temperature caused by heat sealing at the sealing performance of the heat sealing material, thus affecting the broken bag; bag pressure over the heat caused by the heat sealing material was squeezed out, closed door Of the heat sealing material is reduced, causing the bag to break when the bag is broken.

Food compound bags

   3, composite packaging materials must have sufficient thickness, the thickness of the composite film will result in insufficient strength of the composite film, resulting in broken bag problems; attention to the material in the regeneration of the material to join, all aspects of recycled materials will reduce the thickness of composite bags, Adding too much, composite film strength is insufficient, resulting in broken bag.

   4, in the PE film manufacturing process by adding LLDPE and mPE to improve the strength and flexibility of PE, thereby reducing the broken bag. If the packaging used in low temperature refrigeration environment, must use low temperature packaging materials, such as to produce composite film, otherwise it will cause low temperature freezing environment, the composite film embrittlement.

   5, other aspects in the packaging of some re-packaging or powder items such as salt, washing powder, etc., before the heat seal should be the air inside the bag to reduce the bag wall force, so that the solid directly force, To reduce the damage of the bag.